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Why You Should Work With A Neutral Technology Advisory

It is still surprising to see how many companies resist working with technology consultants. Because a company’s IT and technological systems are crucial to its productivity and competitiveness, it is important to start with. It is not worth wasting your time choosing technologies that we don’t need or insufficient for the long, medium or short term. The company will suffer from poor investments, productivity loss, and even team demoralization if they use the wrong tools.

Another factor to consider is time. Our working days are devoted to technology. Whether we are managers, directors, technicians, or other positions that deal with it, we allocate time to research technological and computer solutions, evaluate prices, and compare suppliers. Finally, we make a decision that will affect the day-to day of the company in some way. It sounds great!

What technology consulting services can we use?

The truth is, no. It is impossible to choose a technology consulting firm without seeing it.

Wontech believes that consulting should be based on neutrality. This is an essential part of our business model. We don’t have any agreements with suppliers and do not take commissions from them. Yes.

Companies that have vendor contracts that are paid on commissions can clog up the traditional consulting model. It is not fair for clients to receive objective advice. Who can guarantee that the consultant’s solution is objectively the best? No one.

Consulting should have the objective of finding the best solution for the company and the supplier that will add the most value in terms of cost, efficiency, and profitability. This is at least our philosophy and work method. Solutions should also be recommended from a technical perspective, not brand marketing. This means that just because a brand has a better reputation does not necessarily mean it is the best solution for our company’s needs.

What is the process of technology consulting?

This process was 100% created in Wontech. We explain how we do things, but that does not mean all consultancies do it the same. We will share what we believe is the best method.

  1. Understanding the business and its needs is key. The consultant must be able to understand the client’s real needs, as well as their potential growth opportunities. It is important to have a designated consultant. This is a person who interacts with the company as if he were a member of the team and distributes the tasks and queries among the technical team.
  2. Choose the best technological solution. After identifying the needs, the project can be defined. They want to find solutions that are functional and efficient, scalable, cost-effective, easily implementable, and within their budget. We have already discussed that “branded” solutions are not always the best. We are certain that there is an optimal solution to every case. It’s all about knowing how to search for it.
  3. Choose the best provider As with solutions, the best provider won’t always be the one that has the most well-known brand or the most prominent advertisement. The best provider will have the right solution, experience in similar cases, and the ability to complete our project. Most importantly, they will be able to communicate with us easily. Trust is an essential component between the supplier, the customer and the provider. Wontech will select up to three providers who will examine your project anonymously and offer a solution.
  4. Final decision The final decision! This is the most important and crucial part. Wontech does not abandon the company in this difficult situation. We regularly participate in video calls with suppliers to answer any questions or doubts. We do’t influence the final decision. The company makes the final call.

Benefits of working with technology consultants

We will now explain the benefits of having a technology consultant in your company.

They will recommend solutions and providers that are objective. A technology consultancy must be neutral, at least as Wontech understands it.

Because consultants have vast knowledge and experience in technology, they can offer a wider perspective on possible solutions to your problem.

They have also worked in a variety of industries and sizes, and can assist you in sizing your project and predicting possible problems.

They can help you find the best solution for your budget by helping you understand all possible options. It doesn’t always have to cost the most.

A whole team of IT experts is available to you, including technicians and consultants in computing, cybersecurity, and IT.

They offer a flexible service so that you can count on them when you need them.

Technology will make it easier for employees to work more efficiently and comfortably. Customers will also be happier with the service they receive.


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