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Privacy In Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Social networks can be a powerful communication tool on both a personal as well as professional level. If we don’t properly regulate privacy on social networks, this can lead to problems. In fact, one of the easiest options we have is to make our profiles in social networks more secure. We will be describing how privacy can be controlled in three major networks, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Login and security

This section is very important. This section allows you to configure your passwords and security measures to protect your account. You can also choose friends to assist you if your account is hacked. And you can control from where your account was started to prevent hackers. You should not include any device you don’t know about or have access to.


There are many options in the Settings / Privacy section. In the “Your activity” section, you can choose who can see your posts and whether you want to use the activity log to manage the posts you’ve been tagged in. You will need to confirm that you want your bio published every time someone tags you. You can select who can be a friend, send you friend requests, or find you by email. This section offers a valuable option: search engines other than Facebook (such as Google) can link your profile. This is crucial because it determines if your profile will be displayed when someone searches for you by name.

Privacy options for a post

You can access a publication and decide who it is that you want to see. This works exactly as with the default privacy options. You can also see the publication date next to it. The question “Who should this be seen?” is available. If it is accessible to the general public, friends or some friends,

Biography and labeling

This section is very informative. This section allows you to decide who can add to your bio and who can see the posts of others. You can also control if other people can share your posts. You can control who can see which publications you’ve been tagged. You can also review which publications you’ve been tagged and the tags that have been added to them.

Post tags should be removed

Take it easy if you have been tagged. You can click on any tag to delete it or edit the image to remove all tags.


This section is very important. This section is very important. Facebook will track your activities and act as a tracking device if you have it installed. You can deactivate your location history and Facebook will stop controlling you.

Websites and apps

You can view the configuration of all Apps on Facebook. This allows you to control what data they have access to (very important because you don’t need your age or other personal characteristics).


This section is also very important. You can choose which data advertisers have access to at the Your information section. If you’re single or married, the point will allow you to choose which data advertisers can access. This includes your name, company, position, and Education. You can also deny all of these options at once.

It is important to manage these security options in order to protect against fraudulent access and to ensure that only authorized persons have access to your personal information.


First, we must access the Settings section and privacy section. Twitter then divides its privacy and security options into two subsections: ACCOUNT AND PRIVACY & SECURITY.


This section outlines how you can control your account’s privacy. We have two options.

Login verification: This activates the request for additional information once we are logged in (thereby protecting your account more).

For greater security, you can request personal information to reset your password.


This section offers options for making your data more private.

The following are the most important:


We activate “protect Your Tweets” and they will be hidden from the public. Only users you approve can see them.

Tweet location

This information will also be included in tweets if we activate the location. You can also choose to remove historical location information.

Photo tagging

We can choose to allow or deny anyone the ability to tag us or which contacts may tag us. You can search by your email address to see the Visibility options. With Direct Messages, you can also choose who can send you these types of messages. Similar to the Twitter option for groups, it allows or denies automatic addition to teams.

Personalization and data

This section is crucial because it allows us to control how Twitter uses our location and personal data to enhance our experience and offer tailored advertising (similarly to Facebook Ads). We may also allow Twitter to share non-public data with partner companies. Twitter and its partners will not receive any information if we disable more options. However, some options such as “Personalize according your inferred identity” may improve your user experience.

Address book

This option allows you to give Twitter access your address book and mobile contacts. This option allows you to share all of your contacts with Twitter, so be aware of how and why you use it.


These options can be used to hide content that could harm people’s sensibilities and in multimedia publications. You can also choose to have blocked accounts muted appear in search results.


Privacy options are available on the most recent social network. In reality, Instagram accounts are public by default. If you don’t want anyone to see your photos, you can make your account private.

Your account can be made private

On some mobiles, it will be displayed with your photo. Next, access the configuration gear (top right). Next, select Privacy and Security. The first option (disabled defaultly) will allow you to click on the “Private Account” box. Only you and approved users will have access to your photos if you confirm it.

Let’s move on to the privacy options.

Activity status

Your contacts can see when you last logged in. Similar to WhatsApp, if your account is deactivated, you won’t be able see other users’ activity status.

Share your stories

This allows you to share your story with other users as messages. You can use keywords to filter the Comments option.

Photos of you appearing

This option controls the tagging. This option will control whether it will include all photos that you have tagged in your profile. You can also find out how to hide a photo you’ve been tagged in from your profile or how to remove it.

Below are the data from Twitter’s ACCOUNT section.

Account data

You can view all changes made to your account in this section, including any privacy settings, such as passwords or contact information. You can also see all of the changes that you made to your profile, your contacts, your account activity, and the stories with which you interacted. This data will give you information about if your account was hacked.

Two-step authentication

You can use it to strengthen authentication by sending a message to a mobile phone or using an application authentication code.

Data download

It lets you download all the Instagram content you’ve shared

A comprehensive Help option, which shows you how to do almost everything, is also included.

Keep in mind that Instagram will always ask for your permission to publish the location. This option can be set up on your mobile device. You can also choose to include the location information when you post a story. You can also delete this location information later.

You can access options like account protection, location, and photo tagging on nearly all social networks. It’s just a matter finding the right place to modify them.

You can, however, control what information is accessed by social networks, including your contacts and your usage patterns, to limit the intrusion of social media into your personal information.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is important that you review the privacy settings in social networks you use.


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