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How To Download All The Photos And Stories Of An Instagram Profile

Ever needed to download all the Instagram photos from an account? This article will show you how to use the Python Instaloader package in order to automatically download all this information.

Instaloader is a Python package that can be used standalone. It allows us to download stories, photos and other information from Instagram.

Why would we want to download all these photos? Let’s say we need to back up all photos uploaded to Instagram. Or create a program to migrate those photos to another platform. This application can also be used to create a library of images that are related to a particular theme (for instance, photos that have been hashtagged #bastaya).

Instaloader allows us to download all photos that were uploaded between a specific date and tagged with a particular hashtag. You can also request to download all photos that were geotagged at a specific location. We could ask for all photos uploaded in the European University and calculate such things as “which photo has received the most likes” or “which area of the university is most popular on Instagram.”

Instaloader can only be installed if you have PYTHON installed on your computer. It is standard on a MAC computer. If you have a windows computer, you must first download and install an updated version of python from this address: https://www.python.org/downloads

Next, install Instaloader

INSTALLATION (Windows & Mac)

  • Write:
  • Installer $ pip3


After installation, you can use it to download all photos and videos from a profile. To do this, write the following:

$ Instaloader Profile

Profile is the username for the Instagram account we wish to download. If you don’t specify anything, it will download all photos and videos from that account. It will also include text files with comments and meta-information about each image such as likes, comments, users who liked, geolocation, etc.

For example,

$ instaloader ueuropean

I would save all photos from the university’s Instagram account to the “ueuropeaā€¯ folder.

To download photos from private Instagram accounts, you will need to use the –login parameter.

If you want to make the tool even more useful, use the –login parameter. You can also use your instagram username to do more. You can use the login option to do things such as:

  • All photos are available in HD resolution.
  • Get the stories from a profile.
  • You can download the video and photos from your private account.
  • Get the highlights of your account.
  • Take a look at the photos that have been tagged to a profile.
  • All of the above

You can also instruct Instaloader that it downloads all photos and videos uploaded to a specific location by using the %_id_localizacion parameter. The location id is the numerical tag with which Instagram locates places. If I search for “European University”, I will find it matches the ID “273479756”.

This command allows me to download photos, videos, and stories made at the university, provided the location is correctly indicated.

$ Instaloader –login –stories% 273479756

Instaloader offers the ability to set up Instaloader to run automatically and periodically download and update new images every X times (using cron).


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