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Facebook Develops Community Near Its HQ In Silicon Valley

Willow Village is the result of a collaboration between Signature Development Group and Facebook. This is the first time that Facebook intends to get into the real estate market. It plans to build a community in the vicinity of its Menlo Park headquarters. The new community is being planned. The community was created to provide housing for all members of the community. However, Facebook employees can also search for homes there. It will include a supermarket, shops, and a 193-room hotel.

It was initially believed that only Facebook employees would be able to access the site. However, multiple statements have been made clarifying that this will not be true. Willow Village will include 1,729 apartments, 320 affordable units, and 120 senior housing units.

Learn more about Willow Village, a new Facebook community in Silicon Valley.

The ideal community design

It is not a new idea to create a community close to Facebook Headquarters (Headquarters). The technology company started offering financial incentives for employees who lived in the vicinity several years back. With the assistance of Signature Development Group Facebook, they have created the ideal model for renovating office spaces and transforming them into a community. This 59-acre property is currently used as an industrial and research facility. It will soon be one of the most innovative communities California has to offer.

Signature Development Group, a Bay Area realty developer, designed Willow Village. It is a mixed-use residential, commercial, and commercial space in Oakland.

Modernizing existing facilities

It is expected that a Facebook community will be innovative and modern. Facebook wants to modernize it and bring it into 21st century,” Mike Ghielmetti of Signature Development Group told The Mercury News in January. He stated that this community’s design would be entirely personalized and modern.

Willow Village is the renovation of an old, but bustling office space. Facebook and Signature Development Group made this area of campus modern. As part of that upgrade, housing and commercial services were added to connect the campus to Belle Haven. These residential units are open to all and not only for Facebook employees. The connection with the neighboring neighborhood has been an important point of coordination for many months. As the community plans to make improvements to the space, the residents will have access to them. neighborhood.

Signature Development Group’s design emphasizes pedestrian-friendly design. This includes bike lanes and wide sidewalks as well as creating many public green spaces such a 400-meter elevated park, similar to Manhattan’s High Line.

A new modernist office building will be built. It will include an area of large size with a glass dome that was designed as a “collaborative space.” Around a 1.5-acre square, more than 1,800 square metres of retail space will be constructed. It will include cafes, a pharmacy and other amenities.

Be good neighbours in the community

The company also wants to build new homes for the community. This has caused issues with neighbors. Facebook submitted documents in 2017 to rebuild Prologis Menlo Science & Technology Park, which was half-century old. However, the company met resistance during the two year public comment period.

Facebook changed its plan to avoid interfering in the lives and livelihoods of neighbors. It restructured the plan to reduce office space by 30% and add 200 apartments. He also promised to make the grocery store and other amenities accessible to all employees a priority so everyone can benefit.

John Tenanes (Vice President of Real Estate at Facebook), stated that “We are deeply committed in being a good neighbor to Menlo Park,” News reported last year.

A world of tech-city cities

Facebook isn’t the only tech giant looking to create their own city. Recently, it was announced that Google received unanimous approval from the City of San Jose for Downtown West approval. This allows Google to have its own city within the city. The community will be situated in downtown San Jose, California. It will cover 80 acres and include 4,000 housing units as well as 300 hotel rooms and 800 guest houses. Corporate.

With the rapid growth of these new tech cities, it is certain it will not be long before other large tech companies create great communities for their employees as well as the community.


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