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Digital Marketing Strategy Where To Start

Digital channels are becoming more important for companies. But, as we get down to work, it is difficult to know which route of marketing will be most effective and make the most money. What will work best for us, and what is truly essential. In short, where should we begin?

It is clear that not all digital marketing strategies work for everyone. Each company must find the best digital marketing strategies to suit their market and business, and prioritize them according to the importance of short, medium, or long-term ROI. term. This post will explain exactly that: How to evaluate each digital strategy.

1. The web

Although the web is not a strategy by itself, it is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. It’s where clients can learn more about us, what we offer and establish trust. It is important that we ensure that the website is current on both a technical and navigational level, as well as architecture and usability levels. We also need to ensure that the content and messages clearly communicate our value proposition. E-commerce must also have a transparent and clear purchase process, from the beginning to the end. This includes after-sales communication.

Remember that we will direct SEO, SEM and social traffic to the web. This base will be the foundation for all of our marketing investments. If it fails, then the rest of them won’t be as profitable. First, invest in a great website.

2. SEO strategy

Another question is: Is SEO still relevant? Or were the contents? It was neither one nor the other. It is not necessary to have an SEO strategy. However, it will provide results over the long-term. Therefore, if you want to get a fast return on your investment, combine it with a SEM (advertising online ), which can be done with Google Ads and social ad campaigns.

An SEO strategy is crucial to ensure that your website indexes correctly in Google search results. Once we have made our website live, technical SEO must be done. This includes meta descriptions, links, loading times …),, and a combination of a content strategy to slowly gain ground.

3. SEM strategy

SEM (or internet advertising strategy) will allow us to boost results quickly, especially for certain campaigns such as e-commerce. It is crucial to choose the right channel, such as search, remarketing or shopping …). We will need to first choose the network, then the various types of campaigns we offer each one. This will require us to be clear about who our audience is. We will need to do this before we start testing with different networks and types campaigns. This will allow us to disperse resources and make it less effective.

SEM campaigns can be very helpful if you need to increase sales. However, they require more investment than other strategies and must be maintained for as long as possible. If we stop the campaign, orders and contacts are no longer received. It is often combined with other digital strategies, which are more profitable over the long and medium term.

4. Content strategy

It is crucial to have a content strategy. Content is essential to be able to rank well on the search engine results pages, publish original content on social media networks and plan an inbound marketing strategy. It also helps us guide users who are looking for information and advice, to brand and position ourselves as a reliable supplier and to support sales and commercial departments with content they can send their customers to help them sell. These are just a few examples. A content specialist can help us make an editorial calendar.

5. Social media strategy

This is often the one that causes the most doubts. Is it really necessary? Many companies view them as a wasteful investment or a loss of return. Reality is far more complicated than that. It is common for users to use one or more social media networks every day. This gives them the opportunity to make connections. We lose the chance to be their preferred choice if we compete with them.

However, it is important to choose the right network(s) in which to present ourselves – not everyone can be in them all and not all work for everyone. Also, consider the content and messages we will post. This is the key to success or failure in our social activities, and it should not be left up to people who don’t have the necessary expertise.

6. Inbound marketing strategy

Inbound marketing can be very useful for companies that are B2B and also for long-term strategic planning. It requires that the company has a background in digital marketing and is willing to invest in a website, landing pages and SEO, SEM, content, and social media. It is a comprehensive strategy that will produce great results over the long-term. However, it can prove overwhelming for companies just starting to get into the online world or those who cannot wait to see results. It is best to combine the above with inbound planning and implementation.

The most important thing in a digital strategy is to define the actions that we want to take. Some are not equally effective or appropriate for every company or for all markets. However, they can be very effective if chosen well and if there are any questions, experts can help.


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