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Can You Imagine A World Without Huawei And Without Google

It is currently forbidden and illegal to use Google’s services in China. A Chinese terminal cannot access Google Maps or Gmail. In actual fact, Google’s services are illegal for approximately one fifth of the world’s inhabitants.

Android (Google Operating System Updates) will soon be incompatible with phones made by Huawei, a Chinese brand of smartphones.

All this means that a European or American may need to choose between a phone running all Android apps or a Huawei phone.

It won’t be an easy decision. Huawei will undoubtedly release its own operating system, along with tons of apps, but the decision has been limited to one operating system: an Android OS on any phone brand, or an iOS OS on an Apple iPhone.

If all goes as planned, the choice is between an operating platform and a brand of phone. It won’t be easy.

I have a game for you to train us. As if Google and Huawei had never existed, imagine them disappearing from this world. What would happen to your life then?

You can imagine the two having nothing in common.

What would cease being possible? Which elements would cease to be possible for those announced as imminent? It’s an interesting exercise.

Here are some clues to help you get started.

Internet of Things (IoT), objects that are connected to the internet and share information with one another and with other people. They can then adjust their operations based on that information. Before he was born, he disappeared. All of these “things” connected via the internet create information that must travel through a communication network designed, deployed, and managed by a telecommunications engineer.

Industry 4.0: Automated factories in which the various modules of the production or distribution chain are connected to each other to optimize the operation and efficiency of the factory. Before he was born, he disappeared. How could we transfer the information from sensors to actuators without an “ing”? in telecommunications systems

The connected car. Many people see the autonomous car becoming a reality. Although I agree with this statement, the autonomous car is more than a car that can drive itself. It is essential that the autonomous car be connected to all other traffic elements in order to function properly. For example, it will know if there are pedestrians around, and will tell other vehicles where they will turn. Before birth, dismembered.

Geolocation is used in mobile applications. It is possible to communicate with satellites and terminals using geolocation, but it is not possible without telecos. It is impossible. They would disappear in no time.

My phone has weather forecast, functions to locate my terminal if it is lost, remote control, home automation and applications to track how many miles I run, walk, or exercise.

Because sensors and actuators produce signals that telecommunications system engineers can process and transmit, the world as we know is possible in large part.


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