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Hey! My name is Evan Schneider and welcome to my blog that’s all about the evolving world of technology.

I am currently living at my home here in Holmesville, Ohio with my wife, two kids and a dog called Ralph.

I used to live in London in the UK but moved to the US for job reasons. I have some specialist skills and the company I work for had to have me. I guess that makes me a bit special (just kidding).

Anyway, I work as the head of technology for big firm in town. I work long hours so when I get home and have spent time with my family and walk the dog, I like to chill out. I don’t watch TV, so for me, I find my relaxation in writing and to be more specific, writing for my blog.

I decided to start a blog quite recently and wanted to look into technology and write about that. I specifically like gadgets and tech products. For that reason, I suppose I will be writing about those specifically.

I would like this site to be successful. For me, success for this blog would be gaining a good relationship, a ton of people visiting my site each month and getting good general feedback.

I would also like to make a bit of extra money as well from this thing and I think the long-term prospects are probably looking good for this.

The world of technology is probably the best subject to write about because I am never going to run out of material in this ever moving and fast accelerating technical world we live in.

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