Best Hoverboard To Buy For Stunts and Tricks

Why are people, especially the young ones, crazy about hoverboards? While adults do it for their personal transport, young ones obviously do it for one purpose and that is to show off their skills and daring in doing tricks and stunts. Tricks are easy to do and almost harmless while doing stunts may put your life at risk.

This article is primarily about finding the best hoverboard for sale to do stunts on. Typically, you will need to opt for a larger wheel base hoverboard. The larger wheels enable better control and are generally better suited to multi type terain, and for best stunts, you will likely be off roading, so to speak.

Here are some of the tricks and stunts that young riders like to do on their hoverboard. These tricks earned names based on how they are performed.

Spinning while riding the hoverboard
This trick is easy to perform as long as you already know how to balance yourself on your hoverboard. First, stand on your right foot on your hoverboard, lifting your left. Do this for 10 seconds. Then, stand on your left foot while lifting your right foot. Then, place your right foot on the bumper of your hoverboard. This will cause you make a good spin.

Sitting on a moving hoverboard
Normally, you stand on your hoverboard to make it move. However, you can ride it while sitting down. Here is how it is done.

Place your hoverboard in front of you then place your shin on the footpad with your feet behind you. Balance yourself using your knees with your feet on the ground to keep your balance. Then, lift your feet off the ground while controlling the device using your knees. You are now traveling on your hoverboard in a sitting position.

Riding the hoverboard with the knees bent and open
Slowly sit on one end of the hoverboard and put your feet on the footpad at the opposite end. Your knees will be bent upward and open. Press the footpad using your heels to make the board move. Lean forward or backward to glide back and forth.

Here are three stunts that many hoverboard riders like to perform.

Climbing up steep inclines using the overboard
A hoverboard will run smoothly and fast on a smooth, flat surface. However, some daring riders would ride their boards at full speed toward an incline and climb it. If you lose control of the board, you can fall backward and hit the pavement.

Standing on the head on the hoverboard
In this stunt, the rider stands on his head with his feet straight up. He presses the footpad with his head and remains in the same position as the hoverboard move in great speed. One danger of this stunt is falling on one’s forehead or face and get seriously injured.

Dancing on the hoverboard
If standing on this balancing scooter is difficult, how much more would dancing on it be? But there are people who possess the skill to perform any stunt and dancing on a hoverboard is one of them. The dancers spin and jump without falling from their hoverboards.

Regardless of your skill, using safety gear will always keep you unharmed even if you fall off while performing some tricks and stunts. Wear a helmet, wrist guard, and elbow protectors for your safety.