MSI U200 Gadgets Product


This is latest high advance conceptual technology based MSI U200 gadgets product are presenting various high unique conceptual future just like design, weight and many more. And this MSI U200 gadgets product is presenting various remarkable futures just like ultra-market using Intel Atom processors and re-deploy Celeron CPUs. So please you choose this latest MSI U200 gadgets product and used on your personal life because this is very unique and extra ordinary from another similar gadgets product.


And this MSI U200 gadgets product is use the Intel Celeron U200 and this is belonging to the most modern range of Celeron but it is also the range low. And Will have a clock to 1.2 GHz and come with a single nucleus and main difference will this over Atom Celeron is in consumption and latter have proved to be insurmountable and the Tweaktown. Com got some high-quality photo of MSI U200 gadgets product and had this to say about computer itself:

“MSI’s U200 features a 12-inch 16:9 widescreen LED display with a 720p HD capable resolution of 1366 x 768. It comes with an Intel Penryn ULV SFF 723 processor which is a single-core Celeron 723 processor clocked at 1.2GHz – no Hyper Threading, so only single core action here. Graphics are provided by the Intel GMA 4500M, yawn…

It also includes 2GB (1 x 2GB – single channel) DDR2-800 memory, 250GB hard disk drive, 802.11n, Bluetooth 2.0 EDR and after removing the battery, we also noticed a SIM card slot on the back for 3G mobile Internet access. It weighs in at 1.4KG with the 3-cell 2200mAh battery installed – don’t expect huge battery life hours with this.”

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