Want the HTC G1 with Android? Better than going to steal (Prices of shipments)

If you’re a fanboy of Google and want one of their HTC G1 can do it but, yes, that better serves a bank loan or money to start asking your friends because the shipment, both in Spain and around the world, it is absurd. In Spain, costs U.S. $ 170 shipment of mobile and at least you can not celebrate that you live in Canada because there, the place to dispatch more expensive in the world, it costs nothing less than U.S. $ 246.

1. Canada: $ 246.49
2. UK: $ 171.53
3. Hungary: $ 199.99
4. Austria: $ 189.99

5. Germany: $ 178.90
6. France: $ 183.81
7. Spain: $ 170.14
8. Poland: $ 120.09
9. Switzerland: $ 130.43
10. Netherlands: $ 172.99

The award is what leads Canada, the shipment costs a whopping $ 246.49. I do not understand at all the high prices that have put, it is almost a robbery, any developer will spend half a chance for these shipments.


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