3R-System Launches LDorado Space Saving System For Desktops

l 2000 ldorado 1 3R System Launches LDorado Space Saving System For Desktops

3R System’s L-2000 LDorado is a unique space saving system which allows you to hide your ugly desktop behind the display. The L2000 looks elegant, classy and the large screen facility is just for those who love playing games on the PC or even watch one of those downloaded movies.

The L2000 cleverly hides all things that look ugly behind it and even saves space, which is exactly what those who are aesthetically inclined need. You could choose a screen between the sizes of 19″ and 24″. It also leaves access for DVD drives, USB ports and power buttons in your desktop. In my opinion, this system looks good and is functional too.

It supports Micro-ATX and even ATX motherboards and comes with 7 expansion slots, which I think is absolutely fantastic. However, there is no information about availability and pricing, which is more important than knowing the rest of the details.

Via: AkihabaraNews

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