The Best Way To Clear Snow And Ice Off Your Stairs

If you are annoyed with all that snow and ice collecting on your staircase, you are not alone. So, you must be definitely looking for a solution that will keep you from all the mess at your doorstep. The Ice Melting Stair Treads works efficiently and conveniently discarding snow and ice accumulation on stairs by providing a clean and safe passageway. It’s designed to be a unique outdoor waterproof rubber treads which will heat up and melt snow up to 2 inches per hour.

This is the best option presented to you to keep your stairs safe, and get you away from a lot of work. The stair treads works economically being less expensive than melting snow by using an embedded system. Designed to be extremely durable, it can be left outside for the entire winter season with out worrying about it.

This product keeps away all the messy snow and ice from hording on at the outdoor steps avoiding shoveling or use of salt and chemicals. The product costs $194.99.

Via: GadgetMiss

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