Google Has The ‘Remote Killer Switch’ Too

If you had been cursing the guys at Apple for having an app killer, or the ‘remote kill switch’, in order to disable downloaded applications, you may have to start cursing the guys at Google as well. Apparently, even they have a remote kill switch and they have mentioned it too, explicitly in the TOS. However, it may make more sense to Google to have the remote killer switch, as many apps are not checked like they are before entering the Apple Store.

Android’s App Market may seem like Apple Store, but then they have the remote killer switch too. Sometimes I wonder if only the consumers are not squashed under the boots by malicious apps and gargantuan companies, life would be easier and more satisfying.

Coming back to the Android, it is a great phone with great apps, so it is left to you, if you want to overlook the remote killer switch.


VIa: ComputerWorld

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