Listen to Your Heart with iPhone Heart Monitor

The iPhone 3G has been making wave after wave of news and more of it has come again. This most recent piece of news may have people wondering about how romantic a device the iPhone is turning out to be. This device would be just as popular amongst the health-conscious just as well, it would get your heart racing.

The iPhone Heart Monitor allows you to listen to your heart beats. Using the inbuilt microphone of your iPhone 3G or the headphone microphone, the Heart Monitor will pick up the rate of your heartbeats and display it. You can pick up the beats from pulse points at your neck, wrist, or when placed directly over your heart; this can be done either using the headphones or without them. The Heart Monitor would give you a clue about your fitness level.

The Heart Monitor has to be used in quiet places for the best results and must not be mistaken for a medical device. It is available for $5 at hurl.

Via: NewLaunches/ BlueSpark

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