Wicked Lasers Launch World’s Most Powerful Torchlight

There something always has been alluring about the lasers, perhaps it’s the idea of a futuristic society and a futuristic way of perpetuating violence, that makes us fall in love with lasers. However, this time it is a laser flashlight brought to you by Wicked Lasers, which can even burn paper easily.

It has about 4100 lumens and can start fires and burn your skin to ashes. It is as good as carrying your own floodlight and is touted to be the most powerful torchlight in the whole wide world. These kinds of gadgets remind me of Star wars and the laser sword, which could kill any of your enemies within an instant. However, what baffles me is the idea that torchlight could be used to start fires and could potentially be a great danger if the gadget gets into wrong hands.

At about $300, this sure is one wicked gadget that I personally wish to possess.

Via: Gizmodo

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