Pea Speakers For Wireless and Chic Music Experience

Pea Speakers

You can now share your favorite tunes in premium audio quality with Pea speaker system. You can listen to music anywhere and enjoy the tunes without worrying about unsightly wires. All credit goes to Lu Lu who has designed the Pea speaker system. This gadget comes with a great design and each pod can hold 7 wireless Bluetooth speakers.

There are several other portable Bluetooth speaker systems in the market, but as far as I’ve seen and heard, nothing compares to Pea speaker. Well, I have to say more about the features that only one posseses the one ring to rule them because it controls the global volume. Each sphere is powered by a lithium ion rechargeable via induction when placed in the pod. If you are a great music listener surely this is the product for you.

And can you imagine the fun if you take Pea speaker to a friends party? I could promise fun will be hitting the roofs. Another treat is that the system does not surround sound as it cannot separate channels through filling large area with a mixture of music can boost up your surroundings.

Via: YankoDesign

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