Hesh And Low Rider To Blow Your Mind

9 19 08 skullcandy hesh Hesh And Low Rider To Blow Your Mind

Here are some cool headsets that will surely blow your skull apart with the awesome sound that is generated and heard. You may have to think twice before buying and deciding if your eardrums can take the auditory impact. It has to be admitted that this set of headphones is a must for all Music lovers.

Designed exclusively, Hesh possesses a fatter and a more comfortable headband with 50mm drivers and the other model Lowrider consisting 40mm drivers and a fold-up headband for portability. You could be on the go with your head phones in the comfort of enjoying music without any disturbances. It’s believed that the pre-loaded clips of Hatfield play underneath your tunes enhancing your Bit Torrent client.

Comprising of rich sound and distinct clarity, recent technology comes into picture. While shopping for headphones, you could definitely consider the Death magnetic inspired headphones. It comes to you with great features, and is just the one for music addicts. The Hesh costs $69.95 and the Low Rider costs $49.95

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