Pure’s Evoke Flow Brings back The Magic Of Radio

vl 60896 Pures Evoke Flow Brings back The Magic Of Radio

If you’re looking for a high quality digital radio, Pure has some top quality portable radios. Pure’s new model called the Evoke Flow includes the unique feature archives of the standard DAB as well as a Wi-Fi connection allowing you to play Internet radio. So, if you have not bobbed in the web radio services you can always make up for it now and play them all easily through the flow than to incur them through your laptop or tower.

Besides you can place the unit anywhere let it be the kitchen, bathroom than just confining it your surroundings or carrying your asset along as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection or a wireless broadband setup at your services. It’s amazing how all the Internet based content is brought to you by the pure lounge, a web portal for your specific requirements of radio stations, news, pod castes etc. This is the digital age and Pure Evoke Flow costs 149.99 Pounds.

Via: Portablegadget

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