MX-6000 Comes With Narrow band And Wi-Fi, A Great Remote Control

If you are looking for a home theatre remote control, you are in for a big surprise. The MX-6000 provides users with access to their media library and has a narrow band 418 MHz transmitters and 802.11 B/G WiFi transceiver. Hence this must be the first remote control to be offering the two independent communications at the same time. You can access iTunes, Windows Media Player and if you have the PSX-1 you can link iPods to Macs and PCs.

The fact that it has Wi-Fi makes it save time and the MX-6000 touch screen and scroll wheel only make your life easier. The product can display images too and also an display BMPs, JPEGs, GIFs, and FLASH SWF files. It uses a double lithium ion battery and lasts for 4 hours. Even if you don’t charge it for 10 days, the control will still work. The MX-6000 will be shipped this month.

Via: Gizmag

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