Monza: Automated Ferrari from the future

Monza automated futuistic car

Meet Monza, another mean machine straight from the future. Designed by Iman Maghsoudi, this one is a perfect portrayal of his belief that driving cars in the future will be like operating a PC while zooming at 200 km/h. Thanks to the unsurpassable technological advancement this otherwise impossible phenomenon will now be achieved thanks to the hyper-computerized Monza that is not just built for speed but also for auto driving.
At the low speed beginning of your journey on Monza, you’ll be sitting inside the cockpit controlling it like a motorcycle but as soon as the speed exceeds a particular limit, the car gets into the auto mode and the computer takes over relieving you. At this stage, the vehicle transforms into something looking like an airfoil to provide maximum aerodynamics.
Monza automated futuistic car
The design is such that it creates a lift to reduce friction while the strong ground effects keep you from taking off. Since the vehicle will be swimming in air, thanks to its speed, the 2 manta ray like fins continue their work of adjusting to channel air to keep the vehicle well balanced and swiftly floating…errr…running!
Via: Yankodesign

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