Club4Climate: Dance your way to save Earth, with an eco-friendly dance club!

eco friendly dance floor

Here’s your chance to do your due to save the mother earth that too in a manner that ever dude and dudette who love to shake a booty would equally adore. WE are talking about a new concept created by Club4Climate founder Andrew Charalambous who is thinking expand his environmentally sustainable style of dance club into every country.

The Club4Climate project has everything that calls to tag it as a completely eco-friendly dance floor. Right from the organic beverages to waterless urinals, the automatic taps or for that matter the piezoelectric dance floor in the London outlet. The quartz crystals and ceramics used in the floor turns the gyrating energy into electricity. So every time you jump and groove to your fav numbers more you charge the batteries that power the club.

Not jus this, the surplus power generated from a wind turbine and solar energy system used at the club will also be diverted to power homes in the area.

There’s a freebie too for those who can prove they have walked or cycled to the venue. Now what’s that? They won’t have to pay for the entry. I am waiting for this eco friendly dance revolution. What say you?

Via: Crave