The angle of do-it-yourself: how to photograph insects without wasting time

64246714svmtk3f8setup 2006 The angle of do it yourself: how to photograph insects without wasting time

Photographing insects is not very simple, requires attention, preparation and a lot of patience. This project can make things much simpler, thanks to electronics products. This compared to other tests require more time to prepare because we must build an external adapter with a shutter, because the inner is not fast enough for the insects. Even the 55 milliseconds of the Nikon D200 is not enough.

The shutter is activated by two photocells, when both are crossed, means that the insect is in front of the lens. An additional Garmin GPS can give the coordinates for the geotag of the image. When you arrive at the place where he intends to do the photo you set the camera mode bulb and manually focuses on the intersection of two beams and snaps are awaiting for dell’otturatore outside. You can look at the gallery.

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