‘Sens’ Phone: special phone for the blind

sens phone ‘Sens’ Phone: special phone for the blind

It feels great to know that together with making leaps towards unmatched developments we are not forgetting to work for cause and keep coming up with innovations to make the lives of the less-deprived better by great degrees!

The ‘Sens’ phone designed by Takumi Yoshida is a step in this direction only. You must be wondering, how come a phone without a screen! But, this one is as it’s for those who can barely sense the numbers on the keys. The ‘sens phone’ is designed for the nearly blind. The lighted sides on the phone help them get various alert messages, while the keys feature those standards “blind man’s dimple” to make dialling and easier attempt for them.

Not just this, the keyboard arrangement here features more tactile keys that are not just easily distinguishable but also help them interact with the device. The ‘sens phone comes to fore as an intelligent design that highlights and harnesses the more usable features and eliminates the less or nearly not usable features like the screen.

sens phone3 ‘Sens’ Phone: special phone for the blind
Via: Yankodesign