Relax in luxury at home with the Spa Capsule

spa capsule
Most of us would agree with Aditi when she says that who would say no to a single day of relaxation at a spa even if it means digging out a big hole in the pocket. But if you are a bit greedier for comfort and relief and look forward to an extended session whenever you want then get home this new innovation called the Spa Capsule.
This wonder gizmo brings the luxury of a classy spa right in the comfort of your home.
Talk about the comforts and features, the Spa Capsule loaded with an LCD panel that plays the preset programs, adjustable steam therapy, infrared therapy, 14 Vichy shower heads, a cooling face breeze, aromatherapy reservoir, music facility and capsule remote control to name a few.
If features are as lavish as these, price has got to be equally great and yes, the Spa Capsule is a little high-priced at $20,000, but I guess those eyeing at utmost luxury won’t mind shelling out that much.
Now, the luxury story doesn’t end here, if you still want more, you can upgrade this basic version with a range of spa treatments in a hydrotherapy tub with 12 Vichy showerheads, voice activation, color therapy lights, ozone therapy, a built-in LCD TV. Once loaded with these features the Spa Capsule will cost you $36,000.

Via: Inventorspot