Digital Chopping/ Cutting board

digital chopping board

After the clean cube washer-dryer combo for the bachelor, there’s another wonder gadget from the house of Nardo, but this time for people who love to cook.
Check out the hi-tech gift for your kitchen- the digital cutting board.
Brainchild of a design student Marc Nardengeli, the cutting board features a flexible LCD that keeps showing you the recipes that you can cook. It will also give you cooking instructions to make sure that what you’re cooking is edible and won’t poison your family.
To help you further, it also allows you to download recipes so that you can try them out later. Fitted on rubber nonslip feet, the acrylic board contains the circuitry to run the flexible LCD panel and is packaged neatly on top of the other and is sealed with a safety tempered glass panel which allows finger based, touchscreen operation.
A chic design that this is marked with chromium handle at both ends, makes cooking a fun and hi-tech process rather than a monotonous chore. And the best feature is that it’ll be made out of environmentally-friendly materials which won’t kill the planet. Just a concept till now, but we are sure that it will fetch some big thumbs up to give a techie makeover to the good old boring chopping board.

Via: Gadgettastic

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