Go Eco Friendly with Wind Lit Solar LED lights

wind lit lights

Seems the world is opening it eyes to the cause of saving power and getting into the eco-friendly groove. Be it the Solar powered lamp or the USB drive or charger…every now an then one can see an addition into the list of eco-friendly gadgets, that not just prove to be cost effective ut save loads of power as well.
The next in league is these Wind-Lit Solar LED lights. Pretty to look and intelligent to use, these tiny LED lights take power from not one but two sources of nature- Sun and Wind.
All you need to see them working is just leave them hanging in your home all day long so that they can absorb the required power from the sun to be used later. This was the part played by the sun, now talk about wind and it does its due by spinning them around once again to charge them.
As the day comes to a close, you can see the lights glowing with a soft light. A perfect lighting accessory to brighten up your porch with soft light in the evening, the Wind-Lit Solar lights will make you the recipient of some compliments for saving the earth and power
Via: Inhabitat.

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