USB takes animal avatars

gorilla USB takes animal avatars

It seems the USB drive makers are getting too much into innovasion as they are experimenting a great deal with the way they look. Its not just the material used tat is being challenged but also the shapes and sizes that they are available in. Sometime back we talked about the Wooden and precious stone encrusted USB drives and today we have come across the funky animal drives from the house of Minimoo
pig USB takes animal avatars

They are no better than the usual stuff apart from the fact that they  are good enough to bring a smile on your face everytime you use one. Those which caught my fancy include the unique Turtle Goran, Fredrick, the USB gorilla, Jan the USB sheep and Maud the USB pig.
The USB drives are available in 1, 2 & 4GB space at the price that range between between $43-$75.

turtle USB takes animal avatarsA great gift for your geel friend to make storing data a fun thing rather than the monotonous routine task!Via: getUSB

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