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Last month I was nearly bankrupt… Then while I was surfing I read this add online… “get paid to blog” I took hold of the opportunity immediately. Blogging couldn’t be more fun filled. Connecting bloggers with advertisers here you get paid for online blogging. For those who want to make money working online and also for all who love surfing and knowing more and more sitting online here is a golden opportunity.

All you need to do is register with smorty. Registration is also very easy as Smorty provides assistance at every step. Once you are a member you just need to write your opinion and post the link back to advertisers site. So get paid for penning down your thoughts. Isn’t that a wonderful thing.

Its an easy and modified way of blog advertising. Now you can write blogs for money. Smorty looks for uniqueness and proper English and grammar. It is an upcoming method of blog advertising. I am a happy and satisfied worker. God Bless the soul who invented blogging.

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