Throw a hi-tech party with robots at your service

mobile robot

Once again, Mobile Robots have put heir technological faculties at work to come up with a revamped version of their commercial PatrolBot design to provide consumers with three all new robots all set to serve namely Jeeves the butler, who’ll be your tecno-butler to serve drinks at he next party that you throw.

Next in line is the Agent 007. As the name suggests this one will be your security guard who’ll roam about in your home capturing photos to ensure you are safe and will also remind you when you leave that door ajar.

Last but not the least comes the BrewskiBot and no prizes for guessing it right that this one will get you a chilled drink whenevr you feel the need to beat the heat.

Working on the same 12 solar sensors, 10 bumper pads, an electric motor and wireless control design as used in the PetroBot, these wonder robots will be a treat for the housewives, who love to throw parties. You just need to programme them according to the floor plan of your home and they’ll be more than happy to take thecharge of your day to day activities.
The only thing that’ll stop your union with these wonder gadgets is the real big price tag that they bear…else they can be anyway a better pick than that dated refrigerator and even boring butler of yours.

Price: $31,000-$35,000
Via: Uberreview/ BotJunkie

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