SMS “hugs” with Hug shirt

hus shirt SMS “hugs” with Hug shirt

Here’s a dream come true for all those women who are missing the magic of a warm “hug” due to any possible reason. Here comes the “Hug Shirt” which will pamper you with an electronically generated hug, whenever you feel the need.

This will be done with the help of your mobile phone. All you need to do is buy two of these and give one to your partner who is away. Now, whenever you crave for a hug just SMS to your partner and the vital characteristics of your hug will reach him/ her and his shirt will give him/her the desired hug to your partner.

Crew at CuteCircuit analysed the most critical hug intensity points out of upper arms, upper back, waistline, neck, shoulders, and hips. The shirt features “hugging output actuators” on all these points to produce a hug which is as natural as an original one in not just intensity of your hug but warmth as well.

on rechargeable batteries, hug shirt will be priced at $300 as soon as it hits the markets this holiday season.

Via: Talk2myshirt

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