Now full HD LCD TV comes on DIY market

Now full HD LCD TV comes on DIY (Do It Yourself) market. Presently, A1display has launched its full HD LCD TV in Korea market.

full HD LCD TV comes on DIY market

The company shares that customers visit their office and enjoyed the liberty to choose particular components of the TV. Also, they can bring a customized full HD TV home in just one hour. The various options from which they can choose from include SMPC main board, tuner, and exterior design as the remaining components needs a refined compatibility test and are adjusted with the company’s own technology.

 full HD LCD TV comes on DIY market

Having engineered from the experience gained from experience of working with IBM and Samsung, the engineers also offer customer service in future. The company claims its competency over the average products in the market in terms of quality and it si geared up to introduce many new products on the same lines as they eye on the market demands.

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